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download (41)Redecorating a home or simply decorating one for the first time can be an immense task. Not only is it necessary to pick out furnishings, but also choose a coherent theme and colour scheme for each and every room. For those who want to create their ideal space and love beautiful aesthetics, the pressure is on to create the perfect living space.

One part of decorating a home is choosing the right fabric for upholstery and for curtains in order to style rooms in an effective and appealing manner. Fabrics in a room can really transform the look of a space, so whether you go for a bold look or a subdued one, picking out the right textiles is extremely important.

With that said, it is relatively easy to fall into some common traps when choosing fabric for upholstery. Here are several mistakes that are commonly made that can very easily be avoided.

The first common error is not choosing a theme and a colour scheme for your living spaces before buying your fabrics. Many people instead go straight to picking out a beautiful piece of material without really thinking about how it will look on their property, and this is a major mistake.

The reason for this is that - as mentioned above - selecting the right fabrics or the wrong fabrics can really change the appearance of a room.

Using an overpowering colour or fabric can make the look of a room too busy and simply overwhelming, whereas choosing something too plain can make a space bland, boring and even clinical.

For this reason, doing thorough research on the design of your space before you purchase is very important. If this is done correctly, you will also cut down time spent searching for fabrics online, as you will be must clearer about the colours, shade intensity and patterns that you know will work as part of your design plan.

The next common error is not ordering a sample of a fabric before buying, as this can lead to some serious buyer's remorse. Often one of the major problems with buying fabric for upholstery either online or offline is that it is very difficult to accurately envisage how these materials can look in your home.

Indeed, something can look amazing on the rack in a shop, yet when on your sofa in your living room in abundant natural light it can look entirely different altogether. This means that trialling samples of fabric - preferably next to one another - is the quickest and easiest way to ensuring that you buy something that is right for your home.

Many reputable retailers offer the chance to enjoy several free samples of fabric for upholstery, which you can then examine under different lights in your home to determine which one is the best. It is important not to rush this stage and settle for something that is just 'OK' - instead try to get as many samples as you can before you pick out a final fabric.

Lastly, a common error that many people make is not accurately measuring their furniture or their windows in order to buy the right length of material. Again, this can lead to serious buyer's remorse when it turns out that not enough fabric has been bought and all the money so far invested has been a waste.

It is also important to note that overestimating sizes and lengths of fabric is far better than underestimating. If in doubt, have a professional upholsterer measure your furniture properly so you do not make any mistakes in this department. Although this may seem like a costly solution, it is often worth this little extra fee to avoid costly mistakes.


download (40)Are you looking for the perfect pair of summer boots for yourself? If so, our tips can help you. Finding the right pair of shoes should be a piece of cake if you have a keen eye and open approach. Before you choose a pair, you should determine a few things. You should decide the color, style, height and several other things before making the buying decision. Below are some of the essential factors to take into account before you go and buy your favorite pair of shoes.


High heels give your feet a lift while flatting your ankles and calves. For a balanced height and comfort, you should go for a 3-inch heel. But make sure you buy the shoes made from high quality material. The back of the boots should not pinch your heel. Similarly, your feet should feel comfortable in the toe box.

Are you into flats? Flats feature a classic look offering a combination of great comfort and elegance. For instance, ballet flats can be an ideal choice for dinning out. In the same way, some designs have rubber soles that make them a great choice if you want to put them on and scamper around your favorite beach. For a classy look, you can wear your favorite flats with short-shorts, miniskirts or tapered pants.

Unlike other types of boots, sandals allow you feet to breathe. Usually, they are made from posh leather or canvas. For summer dresses, simple designs are a good choice. On the other hand, slacks and sheet dresses go well with beaded numbers and bi-tones.

Wedges were designed as an alternative to today's heels. Since its invention in 1930, the designers have created many stylized and sculpted designs, such as the espadrille and the wedge boot. These shoes shape your calves and ankles just like heels. Besides, they give you secure footing. So, wedges are the perfect choice for outdoor concerts and barbecues.

Clogs And Mules
Conventionally, the soles of clogs are made from cork or wood. They give support to the bottom of your feet. That is why health professionals recommend clogs to those looking for a comfortable pair of boots.

Clogs feature a round toe, but mules have open backs. Mules are available in various styles, such as flats and peep toes. For a summer look, mules are a great addition. But for formal events, you can go for a closed toe pair of mules.

The takeaway

So, you may want to keep in mind the points given in this guide when buying your favorite pair of boots. Keep in mind that price should not be your most important consideration when buying boots, as an uncomfortable pair of boots will make it harder for you to walk. Your feet may get hurt and you may not be able to walk for a few days in worse cases. Therefore, keep the pointers in mind when buying your next pair of summer boots. Hope this helps.


download (39)If you workout, you might have a few pairs of gym shorts. The design of these workout clothes is different from that of casual clothes. So, if you are looking to buy gym shorts, you may want to take the right steps. Given below are some tips that may help you choose comfortable gym shorts.


No matter what type of exercise you do, you should go for a fabric that breathes. Cotton is the best material as it is breathable. When choosing a fabric type, make sure it is stretchy and thin. Besides, we suggest that you don't go for shorts made from spandex alone. The price of the clothing will be based on the type of fabric it is made from.


Most gym shorts for men end at the knees or a slightly higher. On the other hand, some are a little longer and go past the knees. Based on your workout type, you should go for gym shorts of the right length. For instance, if you have to squat often during your workout, you should go for shorts that are not too long, as shorts that are too long will only make you feel uncomfortable when working out.


Most gym shorts come with two pockets on either side. Some shorts have zip pockets, so the items inside the pocket don't fall out when you are working out. Some shorts come with special pockets, clips or bands for mobile phones or other gadgets. So, if you want to keep an MP3 player in your pocket while doing your workouts in the gym, you should go for shorts with pockets.


Lighter colors are not good at hiding sweat. If you don't want others to see your sweat, you may want to go for shorts of a darker color. Actually, it is about personal preference. In other words, this decision is up to you. You can go for any color as long as you like it. Your skin tone is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing a certain color.


Choosing the right size is essential, as a smaller or larger size won't fit you. Make sure you know your body measurements before choosing a certain size. Your gym shorts should be as comfortable as possible so you can do your workout without any problem. Of course, if you are tall, you should go for a bigger pair and vice versa. A bigger pair of shorts will cost you a bit more, though.


Long story short, a quality pair of gym shorts helps you do your workout comfortably. The needs and preferences of every man is different. Therefore, you should look for a pair of shorts based on your own needs. A quality pair will stand the test of time provided you take good care of it. So, you should opt for a pair that will satisfy all your needs. Hopefully, now, you can pick the right pair of shorts.


download (38)there are plenty of ways to wear bows, from the feminine and flouncy to the neat and restrained. Bows can add an extra something to your look and help you to elevate a more ordinary outfit or stand out from the crowd. Here is a brief exploration of how to wear bows in 2016:

In Your Hair

Bows are in when it comes to hair accessories. A simple braid or low pony tied with a thick ribbon in a big and flowing bow or a neat and formal bow on tight braids or as a clip to sweep your front bits back off your face, there are bows that are wearable by many different people and on many different occasions.

On Your Front

Bows on bras or bikinis and bows on tops, big and central bows on a high neckline seem to be the order of the day. Bigger and bolder is better. Too small and sedate a bow on your neckline can end up looking a bit little girly or prudish. Tied bikinis and statement chokers are two fantastic ways to stay right on trend.

On Your Back

Bows at the back of the neck or in the small of the back can be super classy. Again, keep these big, bold and in proportion to the outfit you are wearing. Bows with tails are better than bow tie style additions. Be body aware when you choose where to wear a bow. If your backside is not your best feature then you might not want to place a bow where it will draw attention to it.

On A Skirt

Think less princess dress with ribbons and bows and more chic 1970s midi skirts with a bow tied waist. A loose and flowing bow worn off-centre on your hip paired with a lovely gypsy or boho top can be a great look that is really in fashion right now. Remember, if you choose a bow, it would be a good idea to keep patterns and fussiness elsewhere to a minimum so you do not end up looking too frou frou.

On Your Sleeves

Bows on your sleeves might make you think of puffed Bo Peep sleeves. It might make you think of a naff bridesmaid dress that most people would struggle to pull off. But there are ways of wearing bows on sleeves that are far more classic and chic. Loose bows on long, bell sleeves can help you get into that oh so popular 1970s look or you could go all Audrey Hepburn with chic cap sleeves with a vaguely nautical theme.