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download (44)For those that are ramping up their summer wardrobe, there are plenty of options to indulge in. Using a cheap t-shirt design maker is the best way to get the perfect shirts at a fraction of the cost in stores. Browse some of the most popular styles and prints as of late, and find out how easy it is to use a cheap t-shirt design maker to bring them to life, or even create one that is completely unique and be a trend setter this year that everyone is going to want to imitate.

Popular Designs in 2016

Among the most popular designs in 2016 to create on a cheap t-shirt design maker, it should be no surprise that most are adorned with people's favorites. Prints include favorite:

  • Television shows
  • Movies
  • Characters
  • Inspirational sayings
  • Sports teams

Using a cheap t-shirt design maker is also great for charities, fundraisers, sports teams, groups such as girl or boy scouts, family outings and more. It's fun to have everyone wearing the same shirts and it also gives everyone something to remember special occasions. Some even create t-shirts for wedding parties. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the design.

Of course, it's possible to get shirts from a vendor that are already made, but where is the fun in that? Using a cheap t-shirt design maker, one can have completely unique shirts that can be personalized with ease having the year, names and more on them. Plus, it's more fun that having cookie cutter shirts that are mass printed. Now, there is no need to shy away from creating a shirt when it can be done from the comfort of one's own home and end up cheaper than those found in stores.

Making a Unique Shirt

Not many are aware of the methods available to create their own shirts using a cheap t-shirt design maker. It's as easy as getting into the online store and using the tools they provide to choose the shirt and then add art, lettering and print! The shirts are then shipped directly to their doorstep. Here are the simple steps in a bit more detail when one aligns with the right vendor.

Choose the Product - The first step is to browse the wide array of t-shirts in many styles to include classic, V-neck, scoop neck and more. They also come in sizes from child to adult and even plus sized. Then choose the color, of course most vendors have a rainbow of colors available in every style.

Select Art - When it comes to art, one can usually choose from a huge database provided by the vendor. They can also upload their own, unique artwork so if they have a special logo it can be placed upon the shirt of their choice.

Choose Wording and Font - The best online vendors have a variety of fonts to choose from, and shirts can say anything they want! This makes it easy to even semi-replicate a shirt that they've seen and desire to own. Remember, personalized shirts are more fun so if there's an event consider putting the year or names on the shirts.

Expert placement - Of course, the creator can put the wording and artwork wherever they please; this includes front, back, pocket and even the sleeves. However, if they are having trouble the best online vendors will provide assistance so they can rest assured the final product will have expert placement.

Print and Ship - All that's left to do is approve the design for printing and have it shipped! If there are any issues they should contact the creator of the shirts right away so it can be corrected. Sometimes, the vendor will give a discount if there are several shirts being printed.

download (43)Current Trends

The examples of current customizing trends in 2016 are fun and exciting. Many are taking advantage of mixing casual elements with formal. Matching a screen-printed t-shirt with a sequins skirt is not out of the norm anymore. Casual Fridays at workplaces continue, but for some they've extended it to the entire week. Companies want their employees to stay happy.

Alternative designs in custom t-shirts and more have hurled the entire trend to a whole new level. Investing in styles that are effortless yet flattering and appealing to all. The products offer less structure and are more than comfortable for men, women and children.


Another trend is that of creating custom t-shirts for favorite television shows and movies. They don't have to have the same t-shirts as everyone else. It's fun to be unique, and set oneself apart from the rest. Many people have filled their closets and dressers full of custom t-shirts and have a great time doing it.

Popular shows include The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and many more. New movies like Star Wars: A New Hope, The Maze Runner and others have a huge following and many love having shirts, sweats and more that feature homage to their favorites and even can place their favorite characters and quotes on whatever color or style product they want.

Business Shirts

There are many types of t-shirt printing services available with flattering designs that can even include a business logo. This does two things, it promotes the business and it allows employees to show their pride. They are great to be passed out and company outings, and events where business can be gained. The best thing is that when purchased in bulk, there are huge discounts with most printers.

The Industry

Custom t-shirts are printed using the industry standard design programs to create graphics for screen-printing. The most common are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. As long as the desired image can be flattened, it can be used in most cases. The main goal of most producers is that the design meets quality standards and can be produced using one of their types of screen printing.

All-over screen printing: This method covers the t-shirt to include the front, back, collar, and sleeve. This is a standard method in the custom t-shirt printing industry.

Soft-hand printing: this technique is in high demand and uses designs that are inspired at retail establishments. Softer printing can easily be achieved using soft-hand printing.

Embroidery: There are many embroidery choices as well. While not screen printing, it's still a common offering among screen-printing professionals.

Using one of these two methods, companies can make anyone's custom t-shirt visions become a reality. Shirts can be personalized with the organization logo, name or names of employees. The hundreds of specialty inks and thread colors mean that shirts can be personalized in a variety of options.

As an added bonus, there's no running to the store to try and get the right size, fit and style of shirt desired. It can be created from home and shipped right to a person's doorstep when they use an online print shop.

images (17)One of the first things that people notice about you is your appearance. This is the reason why one's appearance is given so much importance. Denim jeans wear forms an integral part of dressing these days, but this is also specifically where plenty of people tend to go wrong. Most people fail to realize just how important a good pair of jeans are and thus, end up making some rookie mistakes while picking out a pair for themselves.

So, if you don't want to make such mistakes, here are some tips on how to choose the correct denim jeans wear for yourself.

• Concentrate on the details - While you are out to pick a pair of denims, you must concentrate on all the details. It is essential that you focus on the length, waistline, pockets, side seams, etc. of the jeans, in order to get the perfect look and the right shape.

• The jeans must be elastic - You must make sure that the jeans you pick out are elastic. Elasticity is highly important as your jeans must not form creases around the knees and should not hold you up when stretching. So, make sure that your pair of jeans passes the above criteria and you are all set.

• Try them before you buy them - A lot of people tend to make this mistake. They just buy a pair of jeans according to their size, but it is extremely important to try them on before you purchase them. This is because once you try on your jeans, only then will you get to know the fit. So, ensure that you try them on and are comfortable with your pair of denims before making a purchase.

• Try different types of denims - These days there are different types of denims that are available in the market. So, instead of going with the regular ones, why don't you try skinny jeans or straight leg jeans? These denims are must have items in anyone's closet and will give you a much cooler look, obviously bringing in a lot of variety.

• Be Bold - Experiment with your denims and do not just go for the boring black ones. There are a variety of colors that are available these days from ice blue to ash grey. These colors look much better than the normal black ones. So, the next time you are out shopping, do give these colors a try!


images (18)When the temperature reaches close to boiling point, don't you feel jealous of your significant other? The truth is, every man envies women in summer, because she can wear a skirt and summery blouse and still be dressed, but you can't. So you still sweat it every day to and from office in a bulky suit.

Ever thought of the summer suit? This type of suit lets you remain comfortable in the heat while not having to sacrifice your office wear. Here's a basic guide to the summer suit to help you make the best choice.

Summer Suit Fabrics

Still wearing woolen suits in the peak of summer? It's time to put them away till autumn and welcome cotton and linen in. Cotton and linen are renowned for being cool, lightweight fabrics that keep you both stylish and comfortable. Linen does crease easily, but a little maintenance and care can rid you of the problem.

When buying a summer suit, also look for something unlined and in a loose weave. Loose weave gives more breathability and skipping the lining keeps you breezy and comfy.

Summer Suit Colours

Colours go a long way in keeping you cool in the heat. So be prepared to become a sauna if you opt for blacks and browns. Steer clear of dark colours and make friends with summer favourites grey and khaki. If you really must stick to office appropriate colours, then these will work great while also keeping you cool.

On the other hand, if you want to do mad things because of the heat, try mauve, beige, green, powder blue... Of course, you'll receive more than a second or third glance at office, but that shouldn't be a problem if you love standing out. Don't hesitate to try different patterns either.

Shirts With A Summer Suit

The main aim of a summer suit is to keep you comfortable in the heat. Keeping this in mind, the shirts should be of the same fabric as the suit. Stick to linen and cotton since nothing is more comfortable than lightweight, breathable fabrics. Look for shirts in a loose weave for increased breathability. If you don't always need to dress formal, then you can easily replace the shirt with a well-fitted polo. Polo shirts look cool with a suit and are less uncomfortable than shirts. Feel free to play with colours, patterns, and prints. Summer's the time to make heads turn.

Shoes And Accessories With A Summer Suit

The rules remain the same as any other suit. But if you choose to stay alive and well in the sultry summer, skip the necktie when it's not absolutely essential. Go for an open-collared shirt to allow your neck to breathe. Socks are also optional in summer, and you would want to keep your shoes stylish as well as comfortable by choosing something in light leather or canvas.

When summer torments with the heat, it's time to give your wardrobe a makeover to remain comfortable and stylish. A summer suit will ensure you need not dread getting dressed for office anymore!

images (16)Lehengas are hands down one of the most charming ethnic attire that an Indian woman can wear and look absolutely gorgeous, especially if she is the bride-to-be. But, have you ever imagined how she would look donning a lehenga that doesn't have a single sequin embedded on it or a single embroidery done over it? Will it look good? No way! It will never look attractive; after all, who would like to don a lehenga which has no spark, and nil gorgeousness? There are various types of sequins and embroidery found in India, but it is you who has to choose the one that you feel suits you the best.

If you have a wedding around the corner (it may be your wedding, a friend's wedding, or your sibling/cousin's wedding), then don't forget to wear an arresting lehenga that would instantly enhance your charm, and all the men around you wouldn't be able to take their eyes off you.

Here are certain sequins and embroidery that you can choose or ask your designer to embed them on your flowy wedding or party-wear lehenga.

Embroidery best suited for wedding lehenga:
The ever-royal Gotta Patti embroidery
Gotta Patti embroidery is basically a Rajasthani specialty, which has become famous throughout India. And now-a-days, almost every woman (mostly bride-to-be) loves to don attires that have gotta patti embroidery done all over it. It is basically a type of embroidery that look like 'patti', which means leaves in Hindi. The entire embroidery is either golden or silver in colour; you will never find a different colored gotta patti embroidery.

Zardozi embroidery can be your show stealer
Zardozi is a type of embroidery that was brought in India by the Mughals. The term Zardozi derived from two words, 'zar' which means gold and 'Dozi', which means embroidery. Earlier, Zardozi embroidery was solely done using precious metals such as gold and silver, but in today's era, steel wires are also used to create pretty Zardozi embroidery over the lehenga and its choli. And it's inexpensive too, when compared to silver and golden wires).

Kutch work is too pretty to be true!
'Kutch' is a type of art work (thread work) that has emerged from the very well-known Kutch region of Gujarat. But the strange part is, this art form was never practiced by Gujaratis. Instead, refugees from Afghan and Iran brought this lovely embroidery concept with them, and made it a point to spread it throughout the Kutch region of Gujarat. This type of embroidery usually requires colourful silk and cotton threads along with some mirror sequins. So, if you want your lehenga to be really colourful, then go for a kutch work lehenga.

So, these were some of the Indian embroideries which would look absolutely stunning on a vibrant (fuchsia pink or chili red) colored lehenga.

Sequins that best suits a bridal lehenga:
"Mirror Mirror Everywhere!"
Mirrors are perhaps the only sequin that will never let your attire down at any cost. Mirrors sequins are simply gorgeous and will hands-down add an extra edge to your outfit. So, if you want to look scintillating on your d-day or your sister's wedding, then undoubtedly go for mirror sequins.

Pearl sequins are too gorgeous
If your wedding lehenga's budget is quite handsome, then don't think much and go for the ones that have pretty pearl sequins embedded all over it in different patterns. Pearl itself is a very sophisticated stone, so when it gets embedded all over a lehenga's body, obviously its status becomes height.

Metal sewing sequins are stylish as well
We have earlier talked about Zardozi, which is an embroidery done using metal wires, isn't it? Now, it's time to talk about metal sequins. Metal sequins are widely used in designing and decorating bridal sarees and lehengas, so it's quite a famous type of sequins in the market, and will make a lehenga look really stunning.

So, these were some type of embroidery and sequins that will look absolutely ravishing on a bridal, as well as party-wear lehenga. Which embroidery and sequins would you prefer?


images (14)Let's just face the fact that we all need hacks in every phase of life. Whether it is in terms of clothing or personal health, hacks just seem to smoothen things out for a hassle-free lifestyle. You must have had a favorite shirt, pant and even underwear for men that would have made you cry when it was time to say goodbye. So, it is important to know about the hacks that can save the life of favorite pairs as well as the others.

Remember that time when you bought a brand new pair of pieces of denim and wore them as if it was going to last a lifetime and then, accidentally threw them with the other pile of clothes and just ruined it to the core? That's a painful one for you! Wasn't it?

Well, you all must have been there and done that once in your lifetime and have regrets about it. This article is here just in time to prevent you from doing it again. This article talks about the various essential hacks that will help you keep your clothes looking young and new for a longer span of time.

1. Try steam to remove wrinkles: Aren't you all sick and tired of wrinkles (or creases), that is referred to the fine lines that occur on the cotton and linen clothes? It gets very irritating that you wear your favorite cotton shirt for the board meeting and by the time you reach, your shirt is already full of wrinkles. You can either opt for a portable steamer that can remove your wrinkles before you make your bold impression in the meeting.

2. Remove red wine stains with white wine: Doesn't it sound funny that you can easily remove the red wine stains with the white wine? The latter has properties that can easily dissolve anthocyanin, which is the ingredient that gives the red color to the red wine. So, whenever you get a little too high with red wine and spill it over, you can clean it with white wine. However, you must wash it with the detergent immediately after cleaning the affected area in order to prevent the bleach marks from the clothing article.

3. Freeze the pieces of denim for a longer life: How can someone do that, you might ask? Well, pieces of denim are an integral part of the clothing attire and one of the most worn pieces too. It is totally understood that it tends to get dirty easily (because you wear it too often), but washing it every now and then would be bad for its health. The color would fade and there are chances that it faces wear and tear faster in comparison to the ones that are washed less. Well, you can't even keep wearing dirty jeans! So in order to keep the same looking new, freeze it overnight. It helps remove the odor and bacterial infestation (if any) from the denims.

4. Store you stylish underwear for men without bunching: There must be times when you see your men's underwear oozing out from your top drawer. Do you start discarding out the ones that you think are not used anymore because they are overflowing? The best way is to stack them in an organized way. Though, you must throw away some specific types, but if you think they can be worn again and are in a good shape; keep them properly. Organizing the drawer would keep them from wear and tear as well as occupying less space. After all, you wouldn't want to damage your thong underwear or even any sexy apparel styles. Know more about thongs here.

So, these hacks can be very useful for men in their day-to-day life. From the outfits to the sexy underwear for men, everything has a hack. You must incorporate these in your life and make the world a happier place.