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The examples of current customizing trends in 2016 are fun and exciting. Many are taking advantage of mixing casual elements with formal. Matching a screen-printed t-shirt with a sequins skirt is not out of the norm anymore. Casual Fridays at workplaces continue, but for some they've extended it to the entire week. Companies want their employees to stay happy.

Alternative designs in custom t-shirts and more have hurled the entire trend to a whole new level. Investing in styles that are effortless yet flattering and appealing to all. The products offer less structure and are more than comfortable for men, women and children.


Another trend is that of creating custom t-shirts for favorite television shows and movies. They don't have to have the same t-shirts as everyone else. It's fun to be unique, and set oneself apart from the rest. Many people have filled their closets and dressers full of custom t-shirts and have a great time doing it.

Popular shows include The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and many more. New movies like Star Wars: A New Hope, The Maze Runner and others have a huge following and many love having shirts, sweats and more that feature homage to their favorites and even can place their favorite characters and quotes on whatever color or style product they want.

Business Shirts

There are many types of t-shirt printing services available with flattering designs that can even include a business logo. This does two things, it promotes the business and it allows employees to show their pride. They are great to be passed out and company outings, and events where business can be gained. The best thing is that when purchased in bulk, there are huge discounts with most printers.

The Industry

Custom t-shirts are printed using the industry standard design programs to create graphics for screen-printing. The most common are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. As long as the desired image can be flattened, it can be used in most cases. The main goal of most producers is that the design meets quality standards and can be produced using one of their types of screen printing.

All-over screen printing: This method covers the t-shirt to include the front, back, collar, and sleeve. This is a standard method in the custom t-shirt printing industry.

Soft-hand printing: this technique is in high demand and uses designs that are inspired at retail establishments. Softer printing can easily be achieved using soft-hand printing.

Embroidery: There are many embroidery choices as well. While not screen printing, it's still a common offering among screen-printing professionals.

Using one of these two methods, companies can make anyone's custom t-shirt visions become a reality. Shirts can be personalized with the organization logo, name or names of employees. The hundreds of specialty inks and thread colors mean that shirts can be personalized in a variety of options.

As an added bonus, there's no running to the store to try and get the right size, fit and style of shirt desired. It can be created from home and shipped right to a person's doorstep when they use an online print shop.