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download (38)there are plenty of ways to wear bows, from the feminine and flouncy to the neat and restrained. Bows can add an extra something to your look and help you to elevate a more ordinary outfit or stand out from the crowd. Here is a brief exploration of how to wear bows in 2016:

In Your Hair

Bows are in when it comes to hair accessories. A simple braid or low pony tied with a thick ribbon in a big and flowing bow or a neat and formal bow on tight braids or as a clip to sweep your front bits back off your face, there are bows that are wearable by many different people and on many different occasions.

On Your Front

Bows on bras or bikinis and bows on tops, big and central bows on a high neckline seem to be the order of the day. Bigger and bolder is better. Too small and sedate a bow on your neckline can end up looking a bit little girly or prudish. Tied bikinis and statement chokers are two fantastic ways to stay right on trend.

On Your Back

Bows at the back of the neck or in the small of the back can be super classy. Again, keep these big, bold and in proportion to the outfit you are wearing. Bows with tails are better than bow tie style additions. Be body aware when you choose where to wear a bow. If your backside is not your best feature then you might not want to place a bow where it will draw attention to it.

On A Skirt

Think less princess dress with ribbons and bows and more chic 1970s midi skirts with a bow tied waist. A loose and flowing bow worn off-centre on your hip paired with a lovely gypsy or boho top can be a great look that is really in fashion right now. Remember, if you choose a bow, it would be a good idea to keep patterns and fussiness elsewhere to a minimum so you do not end up looking too frou frou.

On Your Sleeves

Bows on your sleeves might make you think of puffed Bo Peep sleeves. It might make you think of a naff bridesmaid dress that most people would struggle to pull off. But there are ways of wearing bows on sleeves that are far more classic and chic. Loose bows on long, bell sleeves can help you get into that oh so popular 1970s look or you could go all Audrey Hepburn with chic cap sleeves with a vaguely nautical theme.