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images (16)Lehengas are hands down one of the most charming ethnic attire that an Indian woman can wear and look absolutely gorgeous, especially if she is the bride-to-be. But, have you ever imagined how she would look donning a lehenga that doesn't have a single sequin embedded on it or a single embroidery done over it? Will it look good? No way! It will never look attractive; after all, who would like to don a lehenga which has no spark, and nil gorgeousness? There are various types of sequins and embroidery found in India, but it is you who has to choose the one that you feel suits you the best.

If you have a wedding around the corner (it may be your wedding, a friend's wedding, or your sibling/cousin's wedding), then don't forget to wear an arresting lehenga that would instantly enhance your charm, and all the men around you wouldn't be able to take their eyes off you.

Here are certain sequins and embroidery that you can choose or ask your designer to embed them on your flowy wedding or party-wear lehenga.

Embroidery best suited for wedding lehenga:
The ever-royal Gotta Patti embroidery
Gotta Patti embroidery is basically a Rajasthani specialty, which has become famous throughout India. And now-a-days, almost every woman (mostly bride-to-be) loves to don attires that have gotta patti embroidery done all over it. It is basically a type of embroidery that look like 'patti', which means leaves in Hindi. The entire embroidery is either golden or silver in colour; you will never find a different colored gotta patti embroidery.

Zardozi embroidery can be your show stealer
Zardozi is a type of embroidery that was brought in India by the Mughals. The term Zardozi derived from two words, 'zar' which means gold and 'Dozi', which means embroidery. Earlier, Zardozi embroidery was solely done using precious metals such as gold and silver, but in today's era, steel wires are also used to create pretty Zardozi embroidery over the lehenga and its choli. And it's inexpensive too, when compared to silver and golden wires).

Kutch work is too pretty to be true!
'Kutch' is a type of art work (thread work) that has emerged from the very well-known Kutch region of Gujarat. But the strange part is, this art form was never practiced by Gujaratis. Instead, refugees from Afghan and Iran brought this lovely embroidery concept with them, and made it a point to spread it throughout the Kutch region of Gujarat. This type of embroidery usually requires colourful silk and cotton threads along with some mirror sequins. So, if you want your lehenga to be really colourful, then go for a kutch work lehenga.

So, these were some of the Indian embroideries which would look absolutely stunning on a vibrant (fuchsia pink or chili red) colored lehenga.

Sequins that best suits a bridal lehenga:
"Mirror Mirror Everywhere!"
Mirrors are perhaps the only sequin that will never let your attire down at any cost. Mirrors sequins are simply gorgeous and will hands-down add an extra edge to your outfit. So, if you want to look scintillating on your d-day or your sister's wedding, then undoubtedly go for mirror sequins.

Pearl sequins are too gorgeous
If your wedding lehenga's budget is quite handsome, then don't think much and go for the ones that have pretty pearl sequins embedded all over it in different patterns. Pearl itself is a very sophisticated stone, so when it gets embedded all over a lehenga's body, obviously its status becomes height.

Metal sewing sequins are stylish as well
We have earlier talked about Zardozi, which is an embroidery done using metal wires, isn't it? Now, it's time to talk about metal sequins. Metal sequins are widely used in designing and decorating bridal sarees and lehengas, so it's quite a famous type of sequins in the market, and will make a lehenga look really stunning.

So, these were some type of embroidery and sequins that will look absolutely ravishing on a bridal, as well as party-wear lehenga. Which embroidery and sequins would you prefer?